Bisley Marquees & Hire Company are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We are continuously looking at ways we can run our business more sustainably. A few of the things we are currently doing to minimise our environmental impact are;

  • We have a purpose built and fully insulated warehouse for our marquee stock, reducing the need for heating
  • Our warehouse has an inbuilt rainwater harvesting system, which enables us to re-use water and significantly reduces our water consumption as a business
  • We use renewable energy to power our warehouse and office provided by Haven Power
  • All equipment is purchased with the environment in mind, for example our industrial washing machines have lower than standard water consumption
  • All equipment is re-purposed where possible. For example, seat pads are recovered to reduce waste
  • As much of our waste is recycled as possible
  • For every roll of carpet we buy a tree is planted

As a hire business transportation makes up a significant amount of our carbon footprint. Practical ways that we already reduce our impact are;

  • We use as few vehicles as possible to deliver your marquee. We have a range of lorries up to 26 tonnes, trailers, 4 x 4 trucks and vans which mean that we can use the vehicle most suitable to your particular booking
  • All vehicles are serviced regularly and our lorries all receive checks every 12 weeks to ensure that they are running as efficiently as possible
  • We have an external company that come in every month to check all our vehicles and trailers (including toilets, fridges etc) to ensure that all tyres are at the correct pressures and replace any as necessary
  • All of our lorry drivers hold their CPC licences, which includes training on how to drive in the most environmentally friendly way
  • By being a single source company (we own all of our marquees, toilets, refrigeration, showers, generators and furniture), we are likely to need to make fewer trips than if you had multiple suppliers involved