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If you’re planning an Autumn or Winter wedding, a marquee may not be the first thing that comes to mind. In reality, with some careful planning you can create a cosy and intimate hideaway to keep you and your guests snug on a dark winter’s evening.

Our modern marquee structures are built to withstand all that the British weather can throw at them, and with efficient heating systems, enchanting lighting, and cosy interiors, winter marquee weddings shouldn’t be underestimated.

We’ve outlined below a few of our top tips to take into consideration when planning an Autumn or Winter marquee wedding...

Marquee site

When planning where to site your marquee, you’ll need to think about how the marquee team and other suppliers will access the site (they’ll have lorries and four-wheel drives), and where your guests will park. The ground is likely to be wetter in the winter months, and you don’t want your site to be churned up by delivery vehicles before your wedding day! If you don’t have hard standing adjacent to your marquee site, then it’s worth adding some ground guard to your booking to create an access track for the set-up. Similarly, your guests won’t want to get soggy feet traipsing across a field to reach the marquee, so where possible try to keep parking close to the marquee or consider having walkway matting from the car parking area.

Clearspan marquee at night

Marquee style

A Clearspan marquee is the natural choice for an Autumn or Winter wedding, offering a wonderfully versatile space for you to create your dream venue. With countless options from clear roofs to starlight ceilings, flat or pleated linings, chillout areas, toilet marquees, or entrance tents, there are so many ways to make the marquee your own.

Sarah Marquee
©Sarah Farnsworth Photography


Consider how you’ll be using the space inside the marquee, whilst in the summer months many couples host their drinks reception outdoors and have outdoor chillout seating, as the temperature drops you’re likely to want to keep everyone together under the cover of your cosy marquee.

Clear roofs come into their own in the winter months, and are a fantastic way of bringing the outdoors in without having to brave the elements. You can also create separate areas within your marquee using reveal curtains, use soft seating to create a quiet lounge area, or add a separate Chinese Hat marquee for an entrance or even a gin room!


In the winter months we’d strongly advise either a boarded or cassette floor with new cord carpet. This offers you extra insulation, ensures that even on the wettest of days that the rain won’t come in through your flooring, and will protect the ground underneath. A solid floor and carpet also offers a professional finish, and with a huge range of carpet colours to choose from, is another opportunity to customise your marquee and add a touch of warmth.

©Kay Ransom Photography
©Kay Ransom Photography


Darker evenings are a fantastic opportunity to make the most of lighting, using it to create an intimate atmosphere inside your marquee, and light up key features outside too! With a huge range of options to choose from, including; uplighters, chandeliers, festoon lights, fairy lights, LED lights, paper lanterns, spotlights, and filament bulbs, it’s the perfect way to keep the party dazzling well into the evening.

©Will Clarke Photography
©Will Clarke Photography


We have a range of marquee heaters in varying sizes and are always happy to help offer advice as to what you’ll need in your marquee. Your Bisley event manager will also spend some time with you planning out where to position your entrance and catering area, ensuring that when the marquee doors are opened, your guests won’t be sat in a draft!

If you’d like further advice about planning an Autumn or Winter wedding, please contact us.

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