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Whilst organising the toilets, fridge, or generator may not be the most exciting aspect of planning a wedding, getting it right is essential in ensuring the success of your event! We understand that using fewer suppliers can take some of the stress away from the event planning process – that’s why alongside our marquees, we have our own range of furniture, luxury toilets, showers, generators, and walk-in fridge trailers (in fact we’re one of the only marquee suppliers in Gloucestershire who do!). We’re equally happy to supply these event extras as a package with one of our marquees, or to work alongside other event suppliers.

We’ve outlined a few helpful tips to guide you through planning your all-important event extras…

Luxury toilet hire

Luxury toilet trailers are perfect for weddings, private parties, and corporate events, with hot running hand washing water, lighting, and in-built heating. Each of our toilet units is delivered fully stocked with hand washing water, soap, hand towels and toilet paper, and if required we can even provide an attendant to be on hand throughout the day to ensure that everything stays in tip-top condition.

When hiring toilets for your event, always make sure that you’ve booked a unit that will be large enough for all your requirements. Consider how many guests will be using the facilities, whether you have any guests camping overnight, and if you’re planning on using the toilets for a second event – don’t worry, we’ll be happy to help recommend which of our luxury mobile toilet units will be most suitable for your requirements!

Bisley Luxury Toilet Hire
Bisley Luxury 2+1 Toilet Unit

Mobile shower hire

If you’re planning on having guests camping at your event, whether it’s a wedding, sporting event, or festival, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got washing facilities in place! Our five-bay mobile shower trailer is the perfect way of creating a hot, powerful shower at any site.

The mobile shower unit is fitted with five individual cubicles, each of which has its own thermostat, mirror, clothing hooks, and shower curtain. All that the unit requires is a nearby water source that we can connect to and 13amp electricity supply – although if you don’t have a water supply nearby don’t worry, as we can supply you with a 2000L water bowser. Waste water drains away from the unit, so it’s important the shower trailer is sited on a permeable surface with good drainage. If necessary, we can happily conduct a site visit to ensure the site is suitable.

Bisley Shower Hire
Bisley Mobile Shower Trailer

Generator hire

Hiring a generator ensures a reliable source of power for any event. Our super silent event spec generators, designed for use with marquees, give peace of mind for a constant power supply throughout your event. Our generators are able to run for up to 48 hours, so even if you’re having a weekend-long party, it will keep the event running!

It’s important to ensure that the power supply will be more than adequate for all your needs. As it can get quite technical, we are more than happy to work with you to gather the power information from your band, caterers, and any other suppliers. At the same time, we’ll determine how many sockets will be required in each area of your marquee, and will sort your power distribution, sockets, and cabling. For larger weddings and events we are able to supply a secondary back-up generator.

Bisley Generator Hire
Bisley Event Generator Hire

Fridge trailer hire

A refrigerated trailer is fantastic for storing food and/or drink at any event, so whether you’re running your own bar, or need to store the leftovers from the wedding breakfast, hiring a refrigerated trailer is an absolute must! We have three different size fridge trailers available for hire, all of which are fitted with internal shelving to optimise the available space. Depending on your requirements, we can happily help recommend which size will most suit your needs.

We promise to have your fridge trailer running at a suitable temperature within an hour of delivery, and with lockable anti-theft doors fitted as standard you can securely store your food and drink at the perfect temperature. Our refrigerated trailers require only a 13amp power supply, and can run from either a household supply or generator.

Bisley Fridge Hire
Bisley Refrigerated Trailer Hire
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